The Future of Libraries

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Libraries offer more than just your favorite books — they can also be valuable sources for electronic research materials. Discover how libraries are utilizing technology to help their patrons. Continue reading

Our Future

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Three space enthusiasts, inspired by the 50-year anniversary of John Glenn’s orbit of the earth, launched a weather balloon with a message to the entire world: Now is the time for us to go back into space. Constructed largely of … Continue reading

Social Media Election

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Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account has probably noticed an increase in the number of political postings over the past few years. This is due, in part, to the explosive rise in social media outlets and users. But voters … Continue reading

Engineering The Internet

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The Internet is amazing. It allows us to communicate instantly, search for and find information on nearly anything, stay abreast of current events and, of course, watch the latest cute animal video. But how does it actually work? Made up … Continue reading

Facebook’s 1 Billion Users

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Social media is constantly growing, connecting people from all over the world and allowing them to share information. Never has this been more apparent than when Facebook reached 1 billion active users. That’s just shy of %15 of the global … Continue reading


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When Gil-Scott Heron wrote that “The revolution will not be televised” he was right. Instead, it will be youtubed, it will be statused, and it will be retweeted. Social networking sites reach more than 82% of the global population: 1.2 … Continue reading

Enemies Of The Internet

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If you think that identity theft is the worst-case-scenario of Internet use, you clearly don’t live in any of the nations that make the list of top “Enemies of the Internet.” Not only do these governments monitor their citizens’ web … Continue reading

Power to the Online People

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Where were you when news of the tsunami hit Japan in 2011? How about when Michael Jackson died? Probably online, according to many experts who claim that social media has become the main media source for hundreds of millions of … Continue reading