A rule infraction resulting in time spent in the penalty for the offending player. Depending on the severity of the offense, time served can range from two minutes to an ejection from the game.

Penalty Box

An isolated area where players who have received a penalty must serve their time. Only one player per team is allowed in the penalty box at one time to minimize fighting.

Penalty Killings

When a team has a player serving time in the penalty box, giving the other team a manpower advantage. Generally, there are special players who play during this time that are skilled at minimizing the opponent's chances of scoring.

Penalty Shot

When a player pulls down another player who was on a breakaway, or the goalie throws his stick to make a save. The non-offending team gets a chance to score unhindered.


One of three blocks of gameplay during a hockey game. There are fifteen minute intermissions between each period.


During a game, only a goal adds to a team's score. Each goal is worth one point. However, when calculating a player's statistics over a series of games, first assists and second assists may also add to an individual player's point total.

Power Play

When one team has a manpower advantage because the opposing team has a player in the penalty box, it is considered a power play. Teams often have special lineups for these situations to maximize their chance to score.

Power Play Goal

When a goal is scored by the team that is on a power play.


A puck is a small circular, black disc made from rubber. Players manipulate the puck into the opponent's goal to score points. Pucks must be frozen before they can be played with.