General Information

Islam, in its literal sense means 'Submission', submission to the will of God. Muslims believe that Islam began at the time when God sent the first man (Adam) to earth. After successive prophets like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus the last Prophet, Mohammed was sent as the seal of the Prophets.

The Holy book for the Muslims is Quran, which was revealed to Prophet Mohammed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In the year 610 AD.

Prophet Mohammed began his mission to spread the word of God. The faith of all Muslims hinge on the belief of One God, Allah. Allah is the Arabic word for God.

The Prophet Mohammed died in the year 632 AD. The religion spread at a rapid rate and today it is the fastest growing religion in the world and the second largest religion as well. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in different parts of the world.

Largest Muslim populations (in millions) by Country (source Beliefnet):

Moharam; Month of martyrdom

In 60 Hijra, Imam Hussain[as] set his journey to Karbala, Iraq, in response to Yazeed's assasination attempt on the Imam[as], after he refused to give bayyah to Yazeed. In his journey he was accompanied by women and children of his family as a sign of peace. On the 10th of Moharam, Imam Hussain[as] and all 72 of his companions including his 6 months old son was martyred, and the women were taken prisoners to Syria.