technology transfer

The process of providing the private sector access to technological advances developed by scientists in the US Federal Government.


One of the four bases in DNA that make up the letters ATGC, thymine is the "T". The others are adenine, guanine, and cytosine. Thymine always pairs with adenine.


An experimentally produced organism in which DNA has been artificially introduced and incorporated into the organism's germ line, usually by injecting the foreign DNA into the nucleus of a fertilized embryo.


Breakage and removal of a large segment of DNA from one chromosome, followed by the segment's attachment to a different chromosome.


Possessing three copies of a particular chromosome instead of the normal two copies.

tumor suppressor gene

A protective gene that normally limits the growth of tumors. When a tumor supressor is mutated, it may fail to keep a cancer from growing. BRCA1 and p53 are well-known tumor suppressor genes.