Band Member

Name Instrument(s) Past/Current Member
Greg Smith Guitar/Vocals Current
Rami Smith Drums/Vocals Current
Rick Daugherty Keyboards Current
Mike Smart Bass/Vocals Current
Shawn Smith Bass/Vocals Past
Donnie Castleman Bass/Vocals Past

Smith Brothers

Smith Brothers perform year round in Las Vegas area hotel casino lounges. They frequently play other lounges as well so see the schedule on their website for a complete listing and the calendar for showtimes. They play a variety of music including: Oldies, Top 40, Dance and Country.

They have been playing in Las Vegas for over 30 years and are one of the top performing lounge acts in the city. They have gained success and popularity with their fans by encouraging audience participation.


1. The Smith Brothers Band Website:
2. Information obtained from Greg Smith

Place of Origin: Ohio
Founded: Began their career in Vegas in 1975
Style: Lounge Band
Founded as: Smith Brothers