Name Date
Pharaoh Akhen-Aton in Egypt accepts public nudity. 1385-1353 BCE
Nudism in Greek education and athletics is banned by Christian emporer as it is seen as Pagan. 393
Christian groups Adamites, Adamianis, Carpocrations, Encratites, and Marcosians all practice nudism. 201-1500
The Cult of the Nude by German sociologist Heinrich Pudor and German nude public bathing is seen as starting the nudist movement. 1900
Paul Zimmerman establishes first naturalist resort in Germany. 1903
English Gymnosophist Society is founded. 1905
American League for Physical Culture formed. 1929
Male toplessness is made illegal in the United States. 1936
United States Supreme Court rules naturist magazines acceptable under Comstock Law, which try to prevent obscene practices. 1958
A Christian evangelist loses a case against a nudist resort in the Michigan Supreme Court, which states nudism may be undertaken in a private resort. 1950's