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An auto, automobile or motorcar is a motorized automatic vehicle intended for transport of passengers or goods.

Most autos are powered by an internal combustion engine which burns petroleum or diesel, and the majority have four wheels. Driving autos and studying or adjusting the appearance and mechanics of autos are very popular recreational activities, especially among males.

The automobile, perhaps more than any other modern invention, has become entangled in many aspects of our society. More than just transportation, the automobile is for many the primary form of recreation. Sometimes raced, restored or even as a personal statement to an individual's identity each manufacturer can claim devotees who find both brands and even specific models to be extensions of their personalities.


Motorized transport in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has had huge social and environmental implications. In most developed countries cars, buses, taxis and trucks are an essential part of the economy and relied upon in daily life.

However, these motorized vehicles use huge quantities of fuel. The fuel is made of scarce valuable oil which cannot be replaced and which will not be fully combusted, contributing to world pollution.

Solutions to the problem include finding more sustainable environmentally-friendly alternative fuels, limiting the effect that automobiles have on the environment or preventing personal use, especially for recreation. Gasohol is one alternative fuel, hydrogen fuel may be used as it only produces water vapor and electric cars are being considered. Many, however, believe public transport would be the best option to protect the environment and also avoid traffic congestion.

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