The weather is what it is like outside at a particular place at a particular time. For example, it could be raining or snowing, the sun could be shining, there could be lots of cloud in the sky, it could be windy or it could be hot or cold.

Weather is what it is like outside. It might be raining, sunny, cloudy or windy. There is different weather around the world because different places have different climates.

A weather forecast is a prediction of what the weather will be like. Weather forecasts usually tell you tomorrow's highest temperature and a symbol that shows what the weather will be like. You can find weather forecasts in newspapers, on television and on the internet.

The Earth


Earth is the third planet in our milky way galaxy. Approximately, 1/3 of earth's area is land and 2/3 of earth's area is water. The land area is divided into four continents.


A country is a place where a group of people, called a nation, lives. Each country has different rules, called laws, which are set by a group of grown-ups called a government in a city or town called a capital city. Some countries are divided into separate parts called states that have their own laws (rules) and their own governments.

Countries are made up of lots of geographical areas like states, regions, counties, districts, cities, towns and villages.