What is a caterer?

A caterer is a person who provides food or entertainment to someone. An outdoor catering business, for example, gives food to a party or event that is held outside.




A career, or a job, is a job grown-ups do to earn money, which is used to buy things, including things we need to survive like food, shelter and warm clothes.

An office is a room where grown-ups work at their jobs. Not all jobs have offices and many grown-ups share offices. An office usually has a desk, a computer, pen and paper, a telephone and a cool chair that swings around.


When you volunteer you do something you don't have to do. It is very kind to volunteer to help someone do something good that they need help with. You do not get any money for volunteering.

What is a carpenter?

A carpenter is a person who does things or makes things with wood. There are lots of interesting things that carpenters make, like furniture or parts of buildings.

Jesus Christ, the person Christians believe was the son of God, was said to be a very good carpenter.