Indigenous or Aborigine

The aborigines of a country are the first group of people in a country. For example, the first people in live in the United States of America were the Native Americans.




There are many different groups of people around the world, called cultures. Each culture has different traditions and stories passed down through each generation of people. They can also have their own way of speaking, their own ways of doing things and their own religion and beliefs. What might be bad manners in one culture may be good manners in another culture!

Many cultures are very similar these days, especially in North America and Europe. This is because people can travel around the world quickly without paying much money, especially when they travel on an airplane. It is also because most websites are about the United States of America and many big North American companies operate in other countries.


Anthropology is the science of studying human biology and culture. Anthropologists can study humans living anywhere in the world, even in your town! They also study people in the past or still living today.