A banana is a yellow tropical fruit that tastes nice. Monkeys really like them. You can eat bananas by peeling back the skin. There are also lots of banana-flavored things, like banana milkshakes and banana cakes.

Fruit and Vegetables

A vegetable is plant or part of a plant that you can eat.

Green vegetables are very healthy for you, but some green vegetables do not taste very nice if you eat them on their own. It is important to eat lots of green vegetables to stay health. Brussels sprouts, spinach, peas, cabbage and lettuce are all examples of green vegetables.

Fruit are a type of vegetable that is actually the place a plant stores its seeds, like apples, tomatoes or plums.

A-Z of Vegetables

A pple
B anana
C abbage
D amsin
E ldirbury
F ig
G rapes
H aricot
I ndian Corn
J affa Orange
K umara
L ettuce
M aro
N ectarine
O range
P otatoe
Q uince
R addish
S pinach
T omato
U gly Fruit
V egetable
W atermelon
X tra healthy
Y am
Z uccini


An apricot is a juicy fruit with a big stone in the center. Apricots are have an orange color and a furry surface.


Oats are a type of cereal that you can grow. It is used to make food for animals and people. You make porridge with rolled oats. If you grind oats you make stuff called oatmeal.


Yams are vegetables that grow underground. They are a type of tropical vegetable.