Types of Homes

Many people live in different types of homes than you live in. This might be because of where they live. One example is apartments which are usually found where there isn't much land, like in the center of a city. It might also be because different people like different things and some people like to live in different types of houses than others.

A castle is a giant old building with many rooms and stories. Many castles have fords and other things around them to stop people from attacking them.

An igloo is a house made of blocks of snow. People called Inuits often live in igloos.

Home and Family

Your home is the place where you live. A home can be a house, apartment, room or something else. Some people even live in boats and caravans.

Your family is you, your parents or caregivers and your brothers and sisters, as well as anyone else that is related to you, like grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

Babysitters and Nannies

A babysitter is a person who looks after children when their mum and dad are not home. Most babysitters are teenagers who are working to earn money.

A nanny is a type of babysitter who looks after children of one family as their job.


Lots of things around the home rely on electricity to operate. Lights, televisions, computers, radios, ovens and vacuum cleaners all need electricity, for example.

An electrician is a person who works with electricity and electrical things. They fix things like broken power lines and install power cables.

A battery is a box or cylinder which you can moved around that stores electricity. Radios, torches and other mobile electrical devices use batteries.