What is Open Site Kids?

Open Site Kids is an online volunteer encyclopedia project based on the Kids and Teens Open Directory Project. It was first proposed in the first half of 2004 and was made public during August of that year.

Is Open Site Kids educational?

Open Site Kids does aim to be a resource with significant educational value. However, our overlying aim is to provide information to kids in a way that kids understand about topics that are not limited to those taught at school.

The primary task of the School/ branch of the encyclopedia is to cover those topics that are likely to be included in the school curriculum that do not fit into the other topics.

What topics does Open Site cover?

Open Site Kids offers information about topics taught in the school curriculum in addition to other information relevant to kids.

Our content includes coverage of online and offline games, results from sports matches, summaries or recent news and even information about what can be found on other similar websites.

We will cover something if it is a relevant and suitable topic for kids. For example, Friends is made for adults, but it is watched by and suitable for children under 13 years of age. However, Crime Scene Investigation or Sex and the City are also made for adults and not suitable for children and are therefore not covered. We know the shows are not suitable for children by the censorship rating given to them.

How is Open Site Kids different from other encyclopedias?

Open Site Kids is written and designed especially for kids, aiming at a target audience of 5-9 year olds and 'tweens' (10-13 year olds). It is also written by a combined team of kids and adult volunteers so that it is both relevant and accurate.

Many other encyclopedias cover a more limited range of topics and are usually made up of content written for adults, but Open Site Kids contains original content for kids.

What does Open Site Kids not cover?

For certain reasons, Open Site Kids chooses not to cover sexuality and related topics, including homosexuality. We see it as a parent's right and responsibility to discuss such things with children at an age and in a way that seems most appropriate.

However, Open Site Kids does not encourage discrimination or total cencorship. It is a parent's choice how such topics are treated and if you choose to discuss such issues with children or teenagers the Open Directory Project Teens Sexuality category provides resources designed for teenagers and the Open Directory Project Parenting Category provides resources for you as a parent.

Further to this, Open Site Kids does not cover those activities that are illegal in the United States or under international law.

Does Open Site Kids contain generalizations and opinions?

In several cases opinions or generalizations may be used if based on factual evidence that is general knowledge.

For example:

A game is an activity which you can do for fun.
It is generally considered that games are played for fun. Although 'fun' is a subjective word, it is used in an objective manner. Therefore, the generalization is jusified.