A computer is an amazing invention. It wasn’t very long ago that there were no computers so things could sometimes take a long time. Computers can be used to print out stories, birthday cards and pictures, for talking to your friends, for finding you new and interesting things on the internet or for playing games.


A laptop is a very small computer you can put on your lap and carry around with you. People that travel around a lot for their job usually have laptops so they can work while they are travelling.

Technology and Gadgets

Technology is all the world's machinery and tools that help us do things at home, school, work or outside. A gadget is an object or device of technology that is very useful for doing something.

Bar-code readers are a common type of gadget. A bar-code is the group of funny lines that are on heaps of things in the library or that you buy in shops. Bar-codes can only be read by a bar-code reader attached to a computer.


Netbook is smaller in size and inexpensive which is generally used for surfing the web and checking emails. The main difference between a notebook and netbook is the size and its computing power.