What is cooking?

For some, the basic recipe will help to hold over hunger and is the best that can be done. For others, food is more than just a meal, it’s an art form. Something that is to be enjoyed - Jim Catanich.

The act of preparing food for human consumption is known as cooking. The cooking process involves using a variety of methods and tools to prepare a set of ingredients so that they are digestible and have flavour. The process uses a form of scientific method and so the quantities of different ingredients and the conditions in which the food is prepared influence the resulting product. Heat is often applied to food during the process.

Cooking covers both the necessity to eat and the desire for variety in what is eaten. A combination of taste, sight and nutrition requirements come together in subtle ways to make each meal different. Each culture has developed its own methods and techniques for preparing their food, creating unique and rich recipes that have now been shared throughout the world. However, the obsession with the art of cooking is one thing all cultures share.

What is entertaining?

Entertaining is inviting and providing hospitality to guests for informal parties and special functions, often for the purpose of talking, eating and drinking. The presentation of one’s house and the food served are both important aspects of consideration when entertaining.

What is cuisine?

The traditional cooking methods and food preparation of cultures, religions and regions is known as cuisine. The ingredients, equipment and skill available may influence a cuisine. A cuisine includes not only the food of a culture, but also the beverages. New cuisines evolve over time.

Advances in food production, food preservation and the transport of food have now allowed cuisines to be experienced around the world and not just in their place of origin. The traditional cuisines of France, Italy, India and Japan are particularly popular around the world. Western influences such as fast food threaten the future of some traditional cuisines around the world and the Slow Food movement has been established to promote and preserve these cuisines.

What is a Dieting?

Dieting is an act of self-control and avoidance of fatty food, low cholesterol food, less oily food, so as to maintain the fat-to-muscle ratio. Eating more raw vegetables and less oil-rich food increases the body metabolism and ultimately increases the life expectancy. Dieting should be done from early age accompanied with a regular exercise routine.

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