Cardiovascular Disorders

Cardiovascular disease is currently the top killer of people in the United States. With the aging of the Baby Boomers and advancement of life-saving technologies, the demographics for cardiovascular disorders can only surge upwards.

Cardiovascular disorders include diseases of the heart and the circulatory system used to deliver blood to the tissues. The importance of a functioning heart and vessels is particularly apparent in damage to the nervous system stemming from inadequate blood flow. Strokes or aneurysms can cause brain damage that affect basic functions, such as memory, speech, vision, or muscle movement.

Besides the commonly known "heart attack" (myocardial infarction, MI), there are a variety of other cardiovascular diseases. Mitral regurgitation involves incompetent heart valves that allow blood to leak in the opposite direction of intended flow. Atherosclerosis is a lesion and thickening of blood vessels which reduce their ability to circulate blood. Arteriovenous malformations misdirect blood away from the tissues.

Abnormal Heart Beat Detection with Portable Heart Monitors

The small handheld devices enable people with abnormal heart conditions, to perform measurements of their heart electrical activity using these portable ECG device, and then take the results to their health care provider for evaluation. These portable ECG monitors are equipped with batteries and a small LCD screen which shows the hearts electrical activity. These devices are now advanced by adding "intelligence" which enables them to provide with features such as user alarms as well as performing local processing to detect the type of abnormal heart rhythms.

They could be connected to the individual persons through the leads like the conventional ECG device in hospitals, or through the person's hand using finger tips. Unlike the conventional ECG recorders which require aid of trained technicians to connect the wires to your body, Portable ECG Device requires only the person who is using to connect. These devices can be used only as a screening tool mainly with patients having a family history of heart attacks or strokes or are being treated for a heart condition. It can only be used as a screening device in fitness center for monitoring of Rhythms or in hospitals for evaluation of drugs in large number of patients.

It has some limitations in that, it cannot be used as a replacement tool for conventional large ECG machines used in Hospitals and also it can be used in patients who have pacemakers installed in them and during pregnancy. The analysis of the results needs to been done by a qualified health care professional.

Despite these drawbacks, it is still quite a handy tool to be in one's home especially in individuals with susceptibility to abnormal heart rhythms.

Using Portable ECG/EKG Machines which uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to monitor heart health intelligently,users can easily record the electrical activities of their heart using their finger tips.

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