What are virtual pets?

Virtual pets are adoptable electronic creatures. Many are computer based and can be displayed on websites. Other ones are interactive, and therefore require feeding and attention from whoever 'adopts' them. Many virtual pets are available from the internet, but some virtual pet toys can be found, such as the Tamagotchi.

What are cyber pets?

Cyber Pets are also known as Clip Art Pets, and Graphic Pets. They are unique, personalized graphics that can be 'adopted' and displayed on a website. Normally, this type of pet does not require day-to-day care, but some owners choose to create personalities for their pet, and sometimes even write stories about them.

What are simulated pets?

Simulated Pets are adoptable virtual pets that require day-to-day care, feeding, and attention from their carers. They are normally designed with the aim of being electronic animals.

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