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Doshin the Giant is currently available in Europe and Japan for the GameCube, although it is a port of the original 64DD game.

The player takes control of a giant on an island, who rises from the sea at dawn then disappears at dusk. The giant is small at the beginning of the day - to help him grow, the player must make him interact with the villagers. As the Love-Giant (Doshin), the giant can help the villagers build their villages and monuments. As the giant helps the villagers, he absorbs their love emotions and grows larger. The giant can grow larger in another way though - if he transforms into the Hate-Giant (Jashin), he can destroy the villages and absorb the villagers' hate emotions (which also causes him to grow).

Apart from interacting with the villagers, the giant can explore the island, take photographs, or sculpture the landscape.


Taken from the official Doshin the Giant instruction booklet.

This is Barudo-Island. A tropical island that you won't find on any map. On this island there is an ancient legend from long ago.

The legend is of a Giant that appears from nowhere.

This mysterious Giant appears on the horizon at dawn and then just as mysteriously disappears at sunset. However the next morning he appears again.

There are many other mysterious things about the Giant. The strangest of all is that he grows bigger and bigger by absorbing the love and hate emotions of the islanders.


Natural disasters sometimes occur on the island. These include the following:

  • Tornadoes - objects will be blown away, and buildings will be destroyed.
  • Volcanic Eruptions - the ground rises up and erupts, throwing out flaming rocks.
  • Attack of the Nortys - Nortys are the spirits of the villagers' jealousy - they steal trees.

Release Date

Name Country's Flag Release Date Platform
United Kingdom 2002-September-20 GameCube
United States Not Released GameCube
Japan 2002-March-14 GameCube
Japan 1999 Nintendo 64DD

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Genre: Real-Time Strategy / God Game
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Platform: GameCube, Nintendo 64DD