Name Reviewer Quote Score (PlayStation) David Zdyrko If you're looking for a quick fishing fix that offers a lot of action-oriented fun, you can't really go wrong with Take 2's Action Bass. 5 out of 10 (PlayStation) Martin Taylor I wanted so much more from this initially promising arcade-style diversion from the norm. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. 4 out of 10 (PlayStation) Mark Crawley ...its quality is simply too inconsistent and the design-brief too sparse... 59% (PlayStation) Shawn Rider If you’re really into fishing games, then it might not be a bad choice to pick up... 3 out of 5 (PlayStation) Jeff Nash Action Bass is an interesting title to rent for the curious. 6.5 out of 10 (PlayStation) Nick Woods While it can be an enjoyable game with fluent gameplay and nice graphics, don't expect it to resemble a fishing trip. 3 out of 5

General Information

Action Bass is an arcade style fishing game for the PlayStation. Players fish in five different areas. To complete an area, a certain number of big fish must be caught within a time limit. This can be done by knowing which lures to use (more lures can be unlocked as the player progresses), knowing where the big fish can be found, and by not spending time catching smaller fish. Once a big fish is caught, it can be stored in a virtual aquarium.

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Video Game
Genre: Fishing
Developer: Syscom
Publisher: Take2
Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone