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Runescape (or RuneScape) is a browser based multiplayer game by Jagex, programmed in Java. Runescape was launched in January 2001 - internet users from this date have been joining for free. Thousands of players are often playing the game at once, and so to spread the load there are over 130 servers located in Austrailia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA.

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When Runescape was first launched, players attempted to develop methods of cheating. Programs have been created in the past which automatically control characters and perform tedious tasks. However, Jagex have developed macro detection routines and protections to check that humans are playing. Jagex also ask players that cheaters are reported.

The Wilderness

At the north of the Runescape world is an area called "the Wilderness". This is one of the few areas where "PKing" (player killing) is allowed (in most areas of Runescape the option to attack a character is not presented). The Wilderness is a controlled area - as a player travels further into it, they are allowed to fight players with a wider range of combat levels. The first half of the Wilderness only allows one-on-one battles, however, the second half of the Wilderness allows team based battles (this area is often used for wars between clans). Apart from allowing player killing, the Wilderness can be used to find weapons, items, and spells.


Name Date
Jagex launched the original Runescape, with only a free method of joining. January 2001
Jagex launched an optional paid membership service, offering more skills, quests, and features than the free version. February 27, 2002
A beta version of "Runescape 2" was released to paying members. "Runescape 2" is an improved version of the original game with a new 3D engine, and gameplay changes. December 1, 2003
The "Runescape 2" code was taken out of beta and was released to all members (including non-paying members). March 17, 2004


Runescape is set in a fantasy world, without an overall goal or objective, and without a defined ending. The game instead focuses on the interaction between the player's character and the world around it. Any player can converse with another player (both privately and publicly), trade with another (or give items without expecting something in return), or in certain circumstances can kill another.

Several in-game activities exist such as fishing, mining, wood cutting, and smithing, which when practiced increase the character's skill at the activities. As a character becomes more advanced at an activity, increasing their skill becomes more difficult and time consuming.

For some players the motive to play Runescape is to increase the skill levels of their character to match and better the skill levels of others. Some players are more interested in collecting large sums of "gold pieces" (the Runescape game currency), or in collecting rare items and equipment.


Sometimes groups of players come together and form exclusive groups, or "clans". As more than one clan exists, alliances are sometimes made, and clans can go as far as fighting each other. Clan members can contact each other by using Runescape's internal messaging system, or by using external websites and message boards.

The Runescape World

All new players begin Runescape on a tutorial island, where they are introduced to the game's interface, controls, and features. Moving around is accomplished by left-clicking on a piece of land (or on the map) with the mouse. The character either walks or runs to that piece of land, depending on the player's settings. Once the tutorial island is completed, the character is transported to one of Runescape's cities where the next step is up to the player. Players can choose between travelling the Runescape world for quests and items, or can work on increasing their character's skills. It is advisable that some effort is placed into increasing a character's combat skills as they may be attacked at some point by an NPC (non-player character).

Locations in the Runescape world include: Falador, Varrock, Draynor Village, Barbarian Village, Port Sarim, Port Khazzard, East and West Ardougne, Camelot Castle, Al Kharid, Dwarven Mine, and Crandor.

Runescape 2

Runescape 2 was the development name for the improved Runescape code, which was released to all members on March 17, 2004. New features include:

  • Different game screen.
  • New 3D graphics engine.
  • Shopkeepers and bankers can now deal with multiple players.
  • New animations.
  • A new skill was added: "Runecrafting".
  • A class triangle was added: warrior defeats ranger, ranger defeats wizard, and wizard defeats warrior.

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