The term Visual Arts refers to any art form that is primarily visible in nature. Some disciplines distinguish visual arts from classes of artwork such as the performing arts, language arts and culinary arts. Others believe these should be included in the classification.

The uniting factor for all types of artists is their continual determination to change, challenge, invent and introduce new and exciting methods of conveying visual expression and art.

Types of Visual Arts

  • ASCII Art
  • Assemblage Art
  • Body Art
  • Calligraphy
  • Ceramics
  • Collage
  • Comics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Decorative Art
  • Design
  • Drawing
  • Film
  • Found Art
  • Graffiti
  • Illustration
  • Installation Art
  • Land Art
  • Mail Art
  • New Media
  • Object-Based Art
  • Painting
  • Performance Art
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Textile Art
  • Video Art


    Almost any art that can be seen is considered visual art, making it a very broad form of art. Typically the genre excludes art that involves performance yet movies may be considered a visual art form. Body art, interactive art and the media art are also often considered aspects of visual art.

    Design is an important aspect of visual arts and illustration is perhaps the most essential form of design. Design involves the planning a visual layout for something, either as an art form itself or in the process of creating something else. Architecture and landscape architecture are art forms, but they are also stages in the production process. Even some industrial engineering designs have become recognized as pieces of art.

    Other Types of Visual Arts

    • Brass-rubbing is a craft of repeating a pattern on a surface of brass plate. Such designs can be found in churches. A piece of paper is placed over the brass and chalk is applied to the paper until a print is produced on the brass.
    • ASCII Art is text art made with fixed width fonts (FixedSys or Courier New). It is often used in text based games, email signature files and smiley's.
    • Calligraphy is an art, also known as penmanship, chirography or handwriting, which is popular in Asia and the Middle East. Equipment used in calligraphy can include specially produced brushes, ink, pen nibs and paper.