Reporters and Newscasters


Jonathan Samuels - Special Reporter
Dominic Waghorn - East Asia Correspondent
Lisa Holland - Special Reporter
David Crabtree - Midlands Chief of Bureau
Michelle Clifford - Special Correspondent
Ian Woods - US Correspondent
Andrew Wilson - US Correspondent
Emma Hurtz - Reporter
Katherine Witty - Royal Correspondent
James Matthews - Scottish Correspondent and Chief of Bureau
Jon Craig - Political Reporter
Jane Clifton - Reporter
Alec Wilkinson - Northern Reporter
Andrew Moore - Wales correspondent
Martin Brunt - Crime Correspondent
Mark O’Leary - Reporter
Graham Miller - Reporter
Victoria Bryning - Reporter
Jeremy Langdon - Reporter
Vera Frank - Reporter
Jim Cockin - Reporter
Joey Jones - The Sky Report correspondent
Geoff Parry - Reporter
Mark McCarthy - Northern Reporter
Adam Leventhal - Reporter
Emma Hurd - Middle East Correspondent
Barbara Serass - Reporter
Laurence Lee - Moscow Correspondent
Graham Leach - Special Reporter
Juliet Errington - British Reporter
Thomas Moore - Health Correspondent
Joel Hills - Reporter
Di Stewart - Presenter
Chris Skudder - Sports Reporter
Nick Collins - Sports Editor
Geoff Meade - Defence Correspondent
Laurie Wilson - Reporter
Juliet Brummer - Reporter
Alex Crawford - India Correspondent
Michael Brown - Reporter
Dharmesh Sheth - Sports Reporter
Peter Sharp - Reporter
Terry Gallaway - Reporter
David Bowden - London Correspondent
George Arnold - Reporter
Nicola Hill - Health Correspondent
Richard Bestic - Special Correspondent
Rachel Amatt - European Correspondent
Rona Dougal - Scotland Correspondent
David Chater - Africa Correspondent
Ashish Joshi - Special Reporter


Sunrise (6am - 9am)
Lorna Dunkley
Eamonn Holmes

Sky News Today (9am - 12pm)
Anna Jones
Martin Stanford
Anna Botting

Lunchtime Live (12pm - 2pm)
Kay Burley

Sky News (2pm - 5pm)
Mark Longhurst
Ginny Buckley
Steve Dixon

Live @ 5 (5pm-6:30pm)
Jeremy Thompson

Sportsline(6:30pm - 7pm)and (10:30pm - 11pm)
Jon Desborough
Steve Gaisford

The Sky Report (7pm - 8pm)
Julie Etchingham

World News Tonight (8pm - 9pm)
James Rubin

Sky News Tongiht (9pm - 12am)
Chris Roberts
Gillian Joseph

Sky News Overnight (12am - 6am)/(All week)
Martin Popplewell
Gordon Radley
Michael Watkins

Sky News Weekends

Sunrise (6am - 10am)
Steve Gaisford
Emma Crosby

Saturday Live (10am - 12pm)
Martin Stanford

Sunday (10am - 12pm)
Adam Boulton

Sky News Weekend afternoons (12pm - 5pm)
Allan King
With an alternating presenter

Sky News Weekend Evenings (5pm - 12am)
Juliette Foster
With an alternating presenter

Other Presenters
Paula Middlehurst

Adam Boulton - Political
Michael Wilson - Business
Tim Marshall - Foreign Affairs
Francis Wilson - Weather

Sports Presenters
Charlie Thomas
Rob Curling
Dan Lobb
Ed Chamberlain
Jacqui Beltrao
Vicky Gomersaul
Graham Winch (Sky World News 4am-6am)

Sky News History

Sky News was created in 1989 and was the first 24 hour news channel in Britain. Members of the launch team include;
Jeremy Thompson, Vivien Creegor and Bob Friend.

Sky News has won many awards in it's 16 year history, including BAFTA's and the title of "Britains' Best News Station."

Sky News are the leaders in modern technology for journalistic uses.
Their technology includes the skystrator and the newswall.

They are sister stations with American news station FOX news.
Sky News coverage of the war in Iraq was used in America due to it's superior coverage with David Chater (Africa Correspondent.)

Sky News has beaureaux all over the world from New York to Beijing which broadcasts the latest news to millions of people from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

Rivals with BBC news, they constantly re-launch with new graphics and a new set. A proposed mini re-launch is taking place in September or October of 2005.


Name : Sky News
Launch : 5th February 1989
Slogan : Sky News, bringing you closer to the news
Viewing share(%) : 0.7