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  • C

    Cabell, James Branch
    Cable, George Washington
    Cabot, Meg
    Cadigan, Pat
    Caesar, Augustus
    Caesar, Julius
    Cahan, Abraham
    Cahill, Tim
    Cain, James M.
    Caine, Hall
    Calderón de la Barca, Pedro
    Callaghan, Morley
    Calverley, Charles Stuart
    Calvino, Italo
    Camões, Luís de
    Camp, John
    Camp, Wadsworth
    Campanelli, Michele Wallace
    Campbell, John T.
    Campbell, Ramsey
    Campion, Thomas
    Campo, Rafael
    Camus, Albert
    Canaday, John
    Canetti, Elias
    Capote, Truman
    Carafelli, Gregory A.
    Card, Orson Scott
    Cardoso, Bill
    Carew, Richard
    Carew, Thomas
    Carey, Peter
    Carle, Eric
    Carmody, Isobelle
    Carner, Josep
    Carpenter, William
    Carper, Steve
    Carr, Caleb
    Carrera Andrade, Jorge
    Carrier, Roch
    Carrington, Leonora
    Carroll, Jenny
    Carroll, Jim
    Carroll, Jonathan
    Carroll, Lewis
    Carruth, Hayden
    Carson, Jo
    Carter, Angela
    Carter, Lin
    Carter, Raphael
    Carver, Jeffrey A.
    Carver, Raymond
    Casey, Philip
    Cassady, Neal
    Castaneda, Carlos
    Castellanos, Rosario
    Castillo, Ana
    Cather, Willa
    Cato the Elder
    Cavafy, Constantine
    Cave, Kathryn
    Cavelos, Jeanne
    Cavendish, Margaret
    Caveney, Philip
    Cedering, Siv
    Cervantes, Lorna Dee
    Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de
    Chabon, Michael
    Chaffin, C. E.
    Chaix, Marie
    Chalker, Jack L.
    Chambers, Joy
    Chambers, Robert W.
    Chamoiseau, Patrick
    Chandler, Raymond
    Chandra, Anil
    Chang, Leonard
    Char, René
    Charteris, Leslie
    Charyn, Jerome
    Chase, Gillean
    Chatterjee, Upamanyu
    Chatwin, Bruce
    Chaucer, Geoffrey
    Chavez, Denise
    Chaviano, Daína
    Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich
    Cherryh, C. J.
    Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
    Chesterton, G. K.
    Chevalier, Tracy
    Child, Lee
    Childers, Leta Nolan
    Childress, Mark
    Chin, Marilyn
    Cho, Natasha
    Chong, Denise
    Chopin, Kate
    Chopra, Deepak
    Choy, Wayson
    Chrétien de Troyes
    Christelow, Eileen
    Christie, Agatha
    Christopher, John
    Christopher, Matt
    Chudo, Alicia
    Chumacero, Alí
    Churchill, Caryl
    Churchill, Winston
    Chute, Carolyn
    Ciardi, John
    Cisneros, Sandra
    Clampitt, Amy
    Clancy, Tom
    Clark, Lee
    Clark, Martin
    Clark, Mary Higgins
    Clark, Simon
    Clark, Tom
    Clarke, Arthur C.
    Clarke, George Elliott
    Clarke, Gillian
    Clarke, Marcus
    Clavell, James
    Clayton, Jo
    Cleary, Beverly
    Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
    Clement, Hal
    Clemons, Keith
    Clifton, Lucille
    Clinton, Catherine
    Clough, Brenda W.
    Clover, Joshua
    Cochrane, Mick
    Cocteau, Jean
    Coe, David
    Coelho, Paulo
    Coetzee, J. M.
    Cofer, Judith Ortiz
    Coggins, Mark
    Cohen, Bernard
    Cohen, Leonard
    Cohen, Nan
    Cole, Allan
    Coleman, Wanda
    Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
    Colfer, Eoin
    Collingwood, William Gershom
    Collins, Ace
    Collins, Billy
    Collins, Paul
    Collins, Wilkie
    Collins, William
    Collins, William Wilkie
    Colum, Padraic
    Compton-Burnett, Ivy
    Congreve, William
    Conners, Peter
    Conrad, Joseph
    Conroy, Pat
    Cook, Bruce
    Cook, Glen
    Cook, Lyn
    Cook, Robin
    Cookson, Catherine
    Cookson, Elizabeth
    Coolidge, Clark
    Coolidge, Susan
    Cooney, Caroline
    Cooper, James Fenimore
    Cooper, Jane
    Cooper, Susan
    Cooper, Susan Fenimore
    Cooper-Posey, Tracy
    Coover, Robert
    Cordelier, Jeanne
    Corelli, Marie
    Cormier, Robert
    Cornelius Nepos
    Cornwell, Bernard
    Cornwell, Patricia
    Corso, Gregory
    Cortázar, Julio
    Cortez, Jayne
    Costeloe, Diney
    Costikyan, Greg
    Coulter, Ann
    Coupland, Douglas
    Courtenay, Bryce
    Couteau, Rob
    Covito, Carmen
    Cowlin, Dorothy
    Cowper, William
    Coyle, Harold
    Cramer, Kathryn
    Crane, Hart
    Crane, Stephen
    Crapsey, Adelaide
    Crashaw, Richard
    Craven, Jerry
    Creeley, Robert
    Crews, Harry
    Crichton, Michael
    Crisp, Quentin
    Crispin, A. C.
    Croggon, Alison
    Crossley, Patricia
    Crusie, Jennifer
    Cruz, Migdalia
    Cruz, Victor Hernández
    Cullen, Countee
    Cummings, E. E.
    Cunningham, J. V.
    Cunningham, Michael
    Cushing, Peter
    Cushman, Karen
    Cussler, Clive

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    Caldwell, Erskine
    Cindy Champnella
    Craig, Amanda
    Cross, Robin